2024, Sound Design for Media

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Working with Studio Koseda, I once again provided creative sound design and music for trailers teasing the Royal College of Art’s gradute shows 2024. 

This included individual videos for each school (Arts & Humanities, Architecture, Communication, Design) and an overall teaser combining all.

This Summer, see work from graduating RCA students at #RCA2024 – a series of exhibitions, events and activities from 20 June to 4 August!

📆 School of Arts & Humanities postgraduate exhibitions and events, 20–23 June

📆 School of Design postgraduate exhibitions and events, Part 1: 12–14 July 2024 and Part 2: 19–21 July 2024

📆 School of Architecture postgraduate exhibitions and events, 12–14 July 2024

📆 The Festival of Communication – a series of events and exhibitions from the School of Communication, selected dates between 17 July and 4 August

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