I’m a freelance musician and sound designer. I've created music & sound for leading brands such as Monzo, The Royal College of Art, University of the Arts London and Somerset House. I co-produced a podcast for Unlimited Festival at the Southbank. I've collaborated with acclaimed artists Sebastian Koseda and Daisy Chambers-Dubus, on funded projects for Google Sustainability, Snapchat Lens Studio, and Festival of the Mind Sheffield. I recently scored a short documentary for Joshua Spindler. I'm skilled in audio post-production, consistently delivering creative and professional work.

I also release my own music under the alias Sleepsang. My approach merges ambient, dance and electroacoustic elements with live coding techniques. I curated a monthly experimental music show called Hyperobjects on 1020 Radio. I regularly perform live, DJing or using the live-coding language TidalCycles.

In 2015, I completed my Sonic Arts MA at The University of Sheffield. I also developed the music & art branch of Sheffield’s award winning Foodhall Project , writing and delivering an Arts Council funded exhibition series, “Social Sculpture”, in 2019. As an artist myself I have a unique perspective on what makes a piece of work sing, bringing this to all my collaborations.

Photo credit: Rob West

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